Why should I resurface with A.B. Resurfacing and not replace my bathroom?

    It is cheaper. A.B. Resurfacing will restore your bathroom at a fraction of the cost of replacing your fixtures and fittings. Using our services will save you 70% of the cost of renovation.

    It can give your bathroom a new colour and a dazzling new look. By applying our high quality finish, your tiles can have a different colour, texture and your bathroom will have a brand new look.

    How long does it take to reglaze?

    For a bathtub, the process should take 4-6 hours. For an entire new bathroom, the whole process should be complete in 2-3 days.

    How long before I can use my new bathroom?

    Usually 24 hours.

    What is the quality of the finished result?

    The surface finish is as glossy as new (or even better) fixtures. It is scratch, mould and heat resistant.

    Is there a warrantee?

    AB Resurfacing offers a 5 year warrantee on materials and workmanship.

    How long will the finish last?

    AB Resurfacing offers a 5 year warrantee. The finish should last for many years thereafter.

    What is reglazing?

    AB Resurfacing applies our high quality urethane coating in a fusion system to all surfaces. This leaves the surfaces with a new finish – a bright enamel coating. It is damage resistant, stain resistant and mould resistant.

    Is it slippery?

    AB Resurfacing can provide a non-slip grip surface coating.

    Is it messy?

    Our professional team will leave you with a new bathroom and no mess at all. We will protect all existing fixtures including mirrors and toilet, that are not to be resurfaced.

    How long before I can have the job done?

    We offer a prompt and efficient service in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

    How do I look after the surface?

    Our surface is easy to clean: no need to use hard abrasives, just ordinary detergents. Our surface is fungus and mould resistant.

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